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Shouldn't Your Money Work As Hard As You Do?

Whether you are just getting started planning for your retirement, or you are looking to generate income in retirement.


Our portfolios are designed to be consistent with clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerances, helping you reach your financial goals.


Affinity Wealth Resources offers investment supervisory services on a non-discretionary basis to residents of the state of Utah. Each individualized portfolio is designed to be consistent with clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerances. AWR creates an investment plan and advises a Client’s portfolio by seeking to identify:

Optimal asset classes in which to invest,

The most appropriate time to rebalance the Client’s portfolio to maintain intended risk tolerance and optimal return for the Client’s risk level,

The ideal mix of asset classes based on the Client’s specific risk tolerance

The most efficient ETFs or other investments to represent each of those asset classes,

For taxable non-retirement accounts, the use of tax-efficient management at the appropriate times in a way that maintains the optimal risk and return profile.



Intelligence | Intelligence is more than an ability to learn. It is also the talent to discern important information and identify opportunities. From idea generation and proprietary research to portfolio construction and stock selection, AWR managers employ keen insight and intelligent processes to build portfolios that seek to add value over time.



Experience | There is no substitute for experience in the investment world, where lessons are taught and learned during every market cycle. Experience provides valuable knowledge into portfolio and stock-specific risk and enables our managers to construct portfolios that we hope limit downside risk.



Conviction | Staying the course is often a manager’s greatest challenge. At AWR, we are committed to a long-term investment approach. We do not endeavor to chase short-term market favorites. This sometimes will hurt performance in strong bull markets, but we do not believe that chasing trends adds value over the long-term.

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Responsible investing for responsible investors


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